Hi there! β™‘

My name is Ashley.

I’m a prospective elementary school teacher with a passion for fashion. I currently study linguistics and publishing at Simon Fraser University.

Attending university, I knew, would bring me so many new opportunities. I studied German for two and a half years. I learned all about speech and languages. I taught English abroad in South Korea in 2019! I was even the Disney club president at my school!

But fun fact: I have a background in art and design, and for just a brief, sweet moment, I was also once a hairdresser.

All of these things led me to who I am and what I want to share with you now!

It has always been a dream of mine to create content to share with others, whether it was through art, music, or writing. I love fashion, beauty, and all things girly, so stick around to see the fashion diaries of one exceptionally extra princess and how I live my life (and get away with my almost always too dressy, and sometimes slightly flamboyant, sense of style) in the rainy city of Vancouver, BC.

This is the real me.

I am The Raincity Fairy. β™‘