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hopes, dreams, and the origins of a fashion blogger.

Ashley Wong

Suzanne Norman

PUB 101 D100

08 December 2020

Hopes, Dreams, and the Origins of a Fashion Blogger

            Throughout the Fall 2020 semester, I have created an identity for myself, online, as The Raincity Fairy. The Raincity Fairy has been a project that has been in the making for several years. No longer is it simply a continuously brewing idea in my mind, but an actual realization that has been fleshed out and produced. My blog has officially been published and my beginnings as a fashion influencer have finally developed. PUB 101 has been the necessary push towards my goals for which I will forever be grateful.

            I have always wanted to write about fashion. I have loved design and illustration and had previously wanted to be a fashion designer. I was once working in the fashion and beauty industry as a hairdresser. I also considered modelling throughout my years of school, but never imagined I would be a model of any sort until I began creating an identity for myself as The Raincity Fairy. I discuss shopping hauls, top products, favourites, fashion faux-pas, and more. I tell the story of my fashion journey. I am actively seeking a โ€œcreative voice [that] is synonymous withโ€ฆ[my] brand (Duffy 135)โ€ while staying authentic to myself and to my viewers. The Raincity Fairy is a reflection of who I truly am, who I still strive to be, and how I love to express myself through one of my greatest passions: fashion.

            My publication did not begin as a blog, however. It began as an Instagram account. Although I had created the blog first and bought a domain for it, my Instagram, @theraincityfairy, was where I began posting and truly figuring out who I wanted to be online. It was mainly for me. At the start, I was unsure about whether or not I had the confidence to post publicly. People would see what I was doing, and possibly, judge me for it. That was one of the major obstacles between me and my goals for a very long time. My friends and family would see and I would, undoubtedly, be asked questions, and so, my account remained private, but because it was essential that my account was public for class, I summoned the courage to make my account public for the rest of the world to view. Though it is said that โ€œpersonal fashion bloggers sometimes request the help of a friend to take a picture of themselves but at other times cameras, fixed on a tripod for instance, are set on a timer or used through remote control, giving bloggers operational power in their own portraiture and the full independence, creativity, and control this power enables (Rocamora 419),โ€ I use everyday spaces to take my photos, and often, take them myself with an old, beloved camera and a stack of books. Currently, my target audience is young women in the teens and in their twenties.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  My real audience, however, according to Monster Insights and Google Analytics, is 45.85% female and 54.15% male, but they are in the 18-34 age range, which coincides with my target audience. Most of my audience is interested in sports and computer electronics. Based on these statistics, I will need to continue altering my blog to reach my desired audience. I will be experimenting with topics and creating a wider variety of content as well as using different platforms, such as YouTube, to grow and address both my current and future audience. I have not received comments on my posts as of yet, and therefore, I am unable to gather information from them. It does provide me information, however, about what I am possibly missing from my posts that are keeping viewers from leaving comments. This is significant in the development of my blog because โ€œpositive comments from โ€˜famousโ€™ blogs or strangers not only could motivateโ€ฆbut also increaseโ€ฆconfidence and self-esteem. The occasional positive comment posted by a stranger was satisfying and motivating, as it reminded the bloggers that a whole community of publics could be reading their blog. (Chittenden 515)โ€ In future blog posts, I will be encouraging comments and attempting to create a more interactive and engaging blog. Asking questions at the end of posts may be a useful prompt for increasing engagement.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย My hope for my blog is to invite women to discuss fashion, ideas, and trends. It is meant to be a place where I can share my own style with others and any tips and tricks that may be helpful to them, and in the search for authenticity on the Internet, I wish to create a space without the โ€œaura of superficiality thatโ€ฆ[is] pervading the world of fashion and style blogging (Duffy 112).โ€ The Raincity Fairy is inspired by other fashion influencers on both YouTube and Instagram. They were inspiring to me as a child and as I was growing up. Now, I hope to be an additional inspiration and source of confidence for the next generation to explore their fashion choices. It is helpful that โ€œthe opportunity to try out different looks, and to โ€˜failโ€™ with minimal consequence, provides teens with opportunities to play with the impression they make and learn to use resources creatively (512).โ€ Although I hope to reach a larger audience in the future, my goal is to change at least one personโ€™s day for the better, whether that is by posting a picture that inspires them, writing about one of my holy grail skincare or make up products that could potentially be a miracle product for them as well, or simply being a person on the Internet that others can relate to. Looking forward, I hope to continue writing. I will absolutely be keeping my domain and my social media. Personal fashion blogs can be an wonderful โ€œspace of empowerment through the control it grants bloggers on their own image, as well as through the alternative visions of femininity it allows them to circulate (Rocamora 410).โ€ The Raincity Fairy has been of great value to me, giving me work to look forward to and boosting my confidence and self-esteem. Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, it has kept me productive and hopeful for future opportunities. It has been a source of entertainment, and possibly most importantly, been a source of joy. Regardless of whether or not my blog is successful, I can confidently state that it has been a success for me on a very personal level.

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