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freddy my love.

Freddy My Love has been an inspiration to me for many, many years now. I have been following Freddy since 2014. I follow her on Instagram, I’ve read her blog, and I’ve watched literally every single one of her videos on YouTube.

Freddy is the reason why my clothing has become so pink. She is the reason why I became interested in designer clothing, handbags, and shoes. She is the reason why I know my designer products so well.

Freddy is the reason why I became interested in becoming a fashion blogger.

Freddy is honestly behind so many of the fashion choices that I’d made over the last several years.

Every Monday, she creates videos about beauty, fashion, and travel. She has videos about her favourite drugstore and luxury cosmetics, guides for gift shopping, and she does “get ready with me” and “what’s in my bag?” videos. She also creates videos about skincare and hair routines and she often experiments with new fashion trends and vlogs when she travels.

But what are my favourite videos? Her shopping hauls and try-ons, of course!

Though I’ve gradually managed to move away from becoming a copycat of her style (because, although imitation is the greatest form of flattery, nobody likes a copycat), she has been such a huge inspiration to me and has impacted my life so positively.

So, this is a huge shout out to Freddy My Love for always being so lovely, helping me realize my own style, and giving me the courage to begin my own fashion journey.

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