f a s h i o n .

fuzzy days.

Who doesn’t love a fuzzy jacket in the winter?

They’re so warm and cozy. They look so luxe and so glam. They’re literally the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten very into the fuzzy jacket trend. I own four fuzzy jackets in pink, beige, black, and white.

My perfect colour palette!

When I first started wearing white fuzz, I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty self conscious. I thought it was such an adorable look, but I didn’t have the same confidence that I do now nor had it really become a trend yet.

Can you all agree that I’m a trendsetter?

I’m joking.

But everybody wears them now! It’s become such a staple for many girls as well as some guys! Sometimes, when a good thing becomes mainstream, I stop wearing that trend, but this one, I just had to stick with.

This winter, I’ve decided to up my game.

Fuzzy and furry scarves are my new thing this winter.

I’ve gotten very into the pull through and collar style fuzzy scarves. They’re actually so stunningly glamorous and seriously dress up any outfit.

For the glamorous! Oh, the flossy, flossy…

Fergie had the right idea.

I can’t wait to put together outfits to go with my scarves and to wear them out in the cold weather.

Winter can’t come faster.

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