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lipstick on your collar.

I am obsessed with lipstick.

I love lip products. I once became familiar with every drugstore lip product several years back. Whether it’s a liquid lip or a bullet, glossy, matte, or velvet, or a nice lip balm or a stain, I am constantly looking for new and better products that are both smudge-proof and kiss-proof.

I usually like to experiment with bold reds and deep purples. Sometimes, blues, greys, and browns make intriguing lip shades during the fall and winter months.

I definitely love an edgy look.

Currently, my favourite lip product is the DisneyxTHEFACESHOP watery lip tint collaboration. I use the shade #4 Red. Unfortunately, this product is no longer available, but it just the perfect shade of red. It smells like candy and leaves a slight stain, but needs to be reapplied after eating. It’s not the perfect lip product, but it isn’t terrible either.

My top two brands would have to be NYX and Etude House.

You can never go wrong with a bold, matte lip from NYX or a pretty, rose colour from Etude House.

A tip?

If you have several different shades of lipstick and you’re out shopping and you see a colour that you really love, don’t buy it because it’s very likely that you already have something similar.

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