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skirts, skirts, skirts…

Skirts have always been a part of my wardrobe.

And, well, that is a complete and utter lie right there.

I was probably the biggest tomboy you could’ve known back in school. I treasured a skateboard, an mp3 player, and my dirty, old pair of Chuck Taylors more than anything else.

And when it came to fashion? Well, I loved fashion just as I do now, but my style was a complete 180 degree twist from what it is now. The baggier the clothes, the better.

I would shop in the boys’ section of the store and I would only wear cargo pants, boys’ jeans, and oversized t-shirts and hoodies. Skulls and chains were my thing. You would see me dead before you would see me in a skirt, or heaven forbid, the colour pink. I was allergic to pink.

I guess people change.

Nowadays, I live in mini skirts and dresses. You rarely see me in anything else when I’m out of the house. I just love how girly they look. They make me feel girly. There’s this boost of confidence that comes along with wearing something that makes you feel pretty, you know?

Now, I’ve also been previously criticized for always dressing like I have a party or a special occasion to attend, but really, is a skirt or a dress any more difficult to put on than jeans and a t-shirt? I say skirts can be worn with t-shirts, too, for a casual look. Furthermore, if you wear a dress, you don’t even need to pick out a shirt! Who knew? Who would’ve thought it’d be that easy? It’s like dressing as if you put in a ton of effort without actually putting in the effort.

I think that’s a win.

Of course, skirts and dresses aren’t for everybody. We all have our own style and our own opinions. Throwing on a good pair of jeans, once in a while, can look pretty sleek, I must admit.

But we’re here today for the skirt and they are definitely a staple in my closet.

Posting my outfits on Instagram inspired me to write about skirts. Posting my outfits on Instagram actually made me notice a pattern that I, surprisingly, hadn’t noticed before, though. It’s one of my unspoken fashion rules: Never mix patterns.

Let me repeat that.




Has anybody noticed that I always pair a patterned top with a solid bottom and vice versa? Has anybody noticed that it’s almost always floral or lace?

But, as of right now, I can’t get enough of it.

I live for it.

And I absolutely love it.

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