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I have been pining over Ted Baker for the past six years since I first discovered this brand in 2014.

I always walked into the store and marvelled at the glorious pink and rose gold handbags and jewellery. I tried on their clothes in hopes that maybe I could, one day, save up enough to be able to afford them. I put items on my wishlist. I put items on my Pinterest.

I was a window shopper for six years.

But last Friday, I was a window shopper no more.

I finally made my first Ted Baker purchase.

It was an happy and exciting moment for me as a girl whose love is fashion. I walked a half hour and lined up at Nordstrom Rack specifically for this bag, and though I had bought it from Nordstrom Rack and it was discounted, I love it anyway.

But fun fact: I am a sale shopper. I only shop sales. I look for reasonable prices and affordable pieces. For a fashion lover, I am surprisingly frugal.

This Ted Baker bag was well worth the wait.

And it goes perfectly with my aesthetic.

I couldn’t love it any more.

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