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the corn maze photoshoot.

Chilliwack Corn Maze & Pumpkin Farm.

It is such a beautiful place and that perfect setting for a photoshoot!

Corn mazes and pumpkins give off that unmistakable autumn vibe.

I went to visit the maze and took plenty of pictures to share on Instagram. Of course, many of them didn’t quite turn out. Many of those pictures were rather questionable. I definitely had a few good laughs looking through them.

But it was surprisingly hot that day.

I wore a raincoat with a red flared skirt and a striped cropped long-sleeve. I also wore a black plaid scarf — that wasn’t mine, mind you, but it went very well with my outfit.

They said it would be muddy and to dress appropriately. Otherwise, I would’ve worn this outfit with over-the-knee boots for that extra chic look, but oh, I am so thankful that I wore tights and combat boots. I expected mud, but I did not expect mud that would suck my feet into the ground like quicksand and stick to my boots, almost causing me to flop over while walking.

There was also a playground.

And I am a child when I see a playground.

It was a great time.

As the sun scorched the sky and the heat penetrated my soul and after stumbling through the corn and having a mini heart attack caused by a spider, I had my first real fashion photoshoot in many years.

This only goes to show that you should never let an outdoor activity dictate what you wear.

You can definitely still dress cute and stay functional!

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