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mini assignment #2

Well, hiya! It’s Harley Quinn!

Ashley picked just the right girl to be the star of her new blog! I’m just jokin’. Get it? Joker? Mistah J? I’m jokin’! But ya know, I am the star.

If anybody loves fashion, it’s me! Have ya seen what I’m wearin’? Gorgeous! Ashley just doesn’t have my flare. Maybe I’ll take her shopping. It’ll be a girl’s day! We can grab cocktails and steal a jacket or two! It’ll be fun! Jokin’! I’m jokin’ again.

But I do think Ashley loves pink a little too much, don’t ya think? It’s pink this, pink that. Where’s the diversity? And where are colours? I left my red and black suit behind ages ago. It just ain’t me, ya know? Boring! She likes to call herself flamboyant, but I ain’t seein’ it, kid. Follow me and I’ll show ya how to really make a statement! Just like I did when Mistah J and I broke up.

And just so ya know, I broke up with him.

Anywho, it’s all about the shiny bits and the prints now! I hear Ashley’s tellin’ all of ya to never mix patterns. Well, lemme tell ya! If I can pull it off, so can you!

Take my advice.

Be adventurous! Wear whatever ya want and make it loud!

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