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peer review #1

There is a wonderful blog by Sonya Johal for all of the book lovers out there who are looking for some book recommendations, reviews, and a place to discuss with other readers.

Check out Sonya’s blog here: https://thewondersofreading.com/

Peer Review:

As a reader myself, I was super excited to review your blog and see what kind of content you’ve been posting!

I immediately noticed that the blog has changed since the last time I visited. The new theme is very stylish and it displays what your blog is about much better than the previous theme.

The first thing that I noticed was the new banner. I think the banner is absolutely gorgeous and it suits your blog very well. It definitely suits the genres that you mentioned in your about section. It’s simple yet eye catching and gives your blog personality.

I also like how each section of your blog is displayed on the homepage and the categories are colour coded. The colours and fonts make it easier to read and really draws in the attention of the viewer. The about section really, literally, pops out! I do think that it would be even better if the categories were grouped together, if that’s possible! For instance, the two book reviews below are separated by other categories.

The images on the sidebar are beautiful and makes me want to click on them and see more. The pop of red and blue even match perfectly with the banner. Rather than simply displaying images, I think it would help to use these images and link them to your book reviews!

Your about section is interesting and really lets the audience get to know you better. I like that it explains what your blog is about, but also that its personal and describes a bit about who you are and what you’re interested in. I think adding a picture of yourself in that section or displaying a picture and a name rather than “admin” as the author would also help them connect with you.

I also like that you’ve allowed the audience to share your posts on social media. This would help so much with exposure and growth! Your posts are well organized and I like how you label the title of the book, the genre, your thoughts, and also provide a rating, especially, which helps viewers immediately get a sense of your opinion on that particular book.

Your website is easy to navigate, easy to read, and welcoming to your audience.

Overall, I think you’ve done a really great job on your blog. It is very well thought out and your posts are engaging. I’m definitely going to continue checking back for updates! You have a new follower in me, for sure!

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