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peer review #2

Interested in film and cinema?

Or maybe the perceptive mumblings of a blogger in the making?

Check out this original blog by Regina Zhang: http://rtopianist.com/saysomething/

First of all, I want to say that I love the simplicity of your blog. It’s clean, minimalistic, and easy to read and navigate. Your blog is very organized. You have a neat banner that shows up on each page, but it doesn’t seem to appear on the homepage! That could add that immediate spark of interest.

I also like that you have a slogan! “We mumble and we shout” is both cute and catchy and gives your audience a little bit more of an idea about the contents of your blog. I am slightly confused by the use of both “Utopian” and “Rtopian,” however. I feel that keeping these names consistent will help to improve the image of your blog. The URL, “rtopianist,” also had me anticipating a blog about piano covers. I, admittedly, was surprised to find out that it was about thought processes and film reviews. A section or a page describing this would be very helpful in giving your audience more information about your blog! The posts about films are great, though, and I enjoyed reading about them. I think it’s even more intriguing that you give insight on Chinese films, which don’t often get as much coverage on social media.

Perhaps, somewhere in your posts, you could also provide a short opinion and a rating for each film! This could also make it easier to connect with your audience.

The content of your website is definitely very interesting! I love Chinese films and I would absolutely return to find out more. I would love to come back simply for more ideas on what to watch next! “Upcoming Films” could even be a new section of your blog and would go perfectly with filling the white space on your homepage. You might even be able to add it to the sidebar of your homepage, if you’re looking for a something slightly less conspicuous.

Keep up the amazing work, Regina!

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