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peer review #3

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed a blog called The Wonders of Reading written by Sonya Johal and what a lovely blog it is!

I’ve seen this blog undergo several changes throughout the semester and it is continuously improving every time I return. I’m very impressed with all of the changes you’ve made, Sonya.

I noticed that the banner has once again changed and I’m still absolutely loving the look. I like that it now displays book covers, and yet, the colours still perfectly match the rest of your blog. The banner already makes me want to search the book titles and also look into what type of books you’ve been reviewing!

I like that you implemented book covers into your gallery section. It looks great! I love the consistency and how bright the images are. They really catch my eye and make me want to click on them to find out more. Unfortunately, I was unable to click on the images from your homepage.

I also like how you added more sections to your page. It makes navigation much easier and also provides more content for your audience to browse through, keeping them on your page for longer and growing their interest.

The “Reading Updates” section led me to a database error, however. I would love to see what kind of content is being posted in this section.

Your “About” section is great! I did notice that the font changes partway through this section and it would be even better with consistent text, but the information you’ve provided really allows your audience to get to know you.

I saw “Gilmore Girls” and it made me want to contact you and ask you more about the show as I’ve been considering watch it myself! I also absolutely love Gossip Girl and would love to talk about the differences and similarities (aside from the name) since Gilmore Girls always comes up as a related show and a recommendation on my Netflix!

Sonya, I think your blog is amazing and I think you’ve done an incredible job on improving your page and your content throughout the semester. I think you’ll have a really spectacular place to discuss reading and books and I just know everybody else will be able to see it and appreciate it as well!

Here is the link to The Wonders of Reading: http://thewondersofreading.com/

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