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process post #10

I intend to continue blogging.

I also intend to continue posting photos on Instagram. Instagram has been and will continue to be my main platform.

However, I also wish to expand.

I want to take my posts to the next level and create YouTube videos.

I want to use YouTube as a platform to connect with my audience and grow. YouTube would be such great method to show my viewers my content and talk to them about it. I could create videos for every Instagram or blog post. I can display my personality through video rather than text. I could verbally tell my story. There would be emotion.

And wouldn’t that just be more personal?

There are so many options.

As I am rather finicky about the quality of the videos as well as the background and the lighting, I will absolutely require ring light tripods to film, especially in the gloomy, rainy city of Vancouver. My house, unfortunately, does not have the lighting for shooting photos and videos. In order to take pictures, I must shoot them during a short window when the sun is high and shining.

I have my account ready to go.

Now, I need to get started.

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