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process post #2

Creating an identity as The Raincity Fairy was probably one of the highlights of my year.

I had always wanted to do it, but I never did. My excuse? I had none. PUB 101 at SFU gave me that kick start on this dream.

I knew immediately that I wanted to write about fashion.

But how?

I wanted to put together outfits. I wanted to share my favourite pieces of clothing and show the world how I choose to express myself. I wanted to give inspiration to others who need a little bit of dazzle in their lives. I know fashion influencers have kept my own spirits up during this period of covid and the lack of retail therapy.

Yes, retail therapy is real.

But really, I wanted to give myself a reason to get up every morning and get dressed.

It’d been tough over the past several months. We’ve all been living the quarantine life. I’d forgotten what my face looked like with a little make up. My hair was going unwashed and who knows when the last time I’d worn anything other than pajamas was.

It took a little bit of work and even more motivation to get everything up and running. I needed to consider my style, my aesthetic, and how exactly I wanted to portray that online. Did I want a theme? What colours would I be working with? What fonts? Did I want portray my style as fun and cute or feminine and elegant? What about both? How would I do that?

How could I turn my sense of fashion into a website?

Being very music driven, I went straight to song lyrics for a title. I knew I didn’t just want to go by my given name, but what would I even call myself and what would I name my website? It needed to be girly. It needed to be empowering, yet sweet. Different ideas came to mind as I listened to the songs and jotted them down only to come out empty handed.

And then it hit me.

I’ve always loved the rain. I love my city. I’ve always loved the term “raincity.” Maybe I would be “Little Raincity Girl.” It still didn’t feel right. I created the URL and I created my social media accounts, but I wasn’t happy.

And then it hit me once again.

I thought it was endearing that a friend of mine called me a river fairy not long ago while I was camping with my family. They all called me a city girl throughout the entire trip. So, maybe, just maybe, I could put those together. Maybe “The Raincity Fairy” would work.

And it was perfect.

It hasn’t been long, but I’ve never looked back.

It has been so exciting setting this all up. I’ve loved brainstorming for ideas. My enthusiasm for this entire project has been through the roof.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve been excited to wake up every day and just create.

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