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process post #3

I think I’m addicted to Instagram.

I spend so much time on that app, it’s insane.

But that’s also the reason why Instagram is the best social media platform for my online presence. It’s really the only one that I’m active on. Sure, I use Facebook and I’ll send my friends little updates on my life through Snapchat every now and then, but I’m, admittedly, a lurker, on most platforms.

As I begin to post more on Instagram and on this blog, it’s all starting to slowly come together. I find that I focus mainly on my Instagram feed, but I’m hoping to get into the habit of posting more here as well.

I’ve actually been using an app on my phone to plan my Instagram posts and preview them before they get posted. I consider how my pictures might look on my feed, including the composition of each photo relative to one another and the colour scheme.

I’m a perfectionist.

But, sometimes, the posts don’t turn out exactly how I planned.

Sometimes, I get it wrong.

One might ask how that’s possible when I can see my posts before they’re posted, but it does. My pictures are, when possible, taken well in advance. I try to plan photoshoots daily or every other day. Along with classes and other activities, it definitely keeps me busy as bee. Instagram works in a way that pushes photos with each post, and if they’re not planned ahead, it’s impossible to see what the feed will truly look like.

That feels like such a process for a social media platform, doesn’t it?

But it’s very much like designing.

Although, if I’m being completely honest, posting actually makes a little bit anxious. Whether its a new picture on Instagram — especially if its a new picture on Instagram — or a written post, I worry about what others will think.

It means a lot to me when somebody tells me that they like my work.

Somebody told me that this week.

It made me really happy.

My Instagram is absolutely edited and filtered, but it’s also filtered in the way I want to see the world. It’s not just pictures of me in different outfits, but an art form. The lighting, the caption, the composition of it all, and everything that goes into a single post, makes it a work of art in my mind.

And that’s how I see Instagram.

That’s how I see this blog.

I guess that’s what all of this is to me. I want my online presence to be a work of art.

I just want to create something worthwhile.

For me, if not for anybody else.

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