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process post #4

Since creating this blog, I have largely been writing for myself.

The content that I have created have been saved as drafts without being posted.

And then forgotten.

I admit that I have not kept up with posting regularly on my blog. I have not been posting on my Instagram feed as much as I had when I first began. I was hoping to post twice a week. This then became weekly. I have now begun posting biweekly.

What I have noticed, however, is that I tend to go back and look at my previous posts and make edits. I had not noticed before, but this also updates the date on my posts! It now appears that I have been posting everything on the same day! Upon that realization, I have decided that I would actually like to look into a solution for this, if there is one.

I am also beginning to shift my focus from writing for myself to also writing for my audience.

Many of my posts are mere ramblings about my thoughts and opinions on certain fashion statements and fashion items. I display my creations through outfits and make up. I take photos that provide visuals of these creations. I also tell stories about my shopping experiences and how fashion intertwines with my day-to-day life. Although I will continue with this theme, I will also be considering other ideas that could potentially keep my readers interested as well as grow my audience.

I could write about how to create outfits, my fashion faux pas, inspired looks, and shopping hauls. I could also blog about wishlist items and what to wear — or what not to wear — to certain events. I could do reviews and find dupes for different items. I could talk about my top 5 pieces in different categories.

When thinking about writing for my audience rather than almost simply creating a public journal, the ideas are endless.

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