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One of my absolute favourite places to shop is Zara.

I love the quality of their items and I love the styles. I don’t often buy from them, unfortunately, but have you ever gone into their stores and found that the place is an absolute disaster?

During days, such as Black Friday or Boxing Day, Zara is like a warzone. There are lines upon lines upon lines. Inside the store, outside the store, the lines are everywhere!

And the clothes are everywhere.

This blown up tornado of clothing isn’t limited to special discounted days either.

I have walked into Zara looking for a jacket only to find them strewn about with a hole in the sleeve of the only jacket left in my size. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s bad luck, but there’s something about Zara that screams “messy.”

Their website is, honestly, no better.

At first, everything seems modern and clean. I love the simplicity of the website. I love colours. Black and white make the website — and the brand — look very sophisticated and classy. They display their clothing on the homepage and it’s easy to find the navigation bar. It’s easy to find the section or category that you’re searching for.

However, looking at Zara’s clothing is messy. Zara allows a display of two or four clothing items when browsing their website. This does not mean you will see two or four items neatly lined up. This means you will be able to view anything from two to four items on each new line. Their photos, sometimes, display items that are not being sold. Other times, they display a large picture that is clickable and leads to a product without displaying or labelling which product, exactly, is on sale. The header is large, static, and blocks enough of the page that it is rather frustrating to look at when scrolling.

On mobile, the user interface is even more of a struggle to navigate.

It is because of Zara that I had decided long ago that I strongly dislike headers that continue to be displayed on the screen when scrolling and browsing.

Zara has one of the most frustrating designs of the websites that I frequent the most, and yet, I will, nonetheless, continue browsing because I love the brand.

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