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process post #6

I have always imagined the audience for my fashion blog to be young girls and women in their teens and their twenties who love girly looks and the colour pink. My target audience has always been women around my own age.

It’s been quite easy gearing my fashion choices towards young women because I like to follow trends, but it has also been difficult because I like to have my own style.

And my style has been labelled “granny style” in the past by friends and family.

My blog, however, I have attempted to keep simple and cute. I feel that my design and editorial choices have aligned quite well with my intended audience. I have stayed true to my colour palette, the font is simple yet classy, and it is, hopefully, appealing to other young women. I have also chosen to write my posts using a voice that allows me to connect with my audience.

Personally, I prefer a casual tone when reading blogs. I like to read about stories and experiences, and when the writer is friendly and relatable, it makes me want to read more. It allows me to write my posts much more easily as well as allows me to stay true to myself.

And I would want my audience to want to connect with me for who I am rather than an false image.

I hope to attract my, currently, imagined audience to my blog through these tactics.

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