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process post #7

The single aspect of my blog that I cannot seem to remove are the two arrows on my homepage. In both my first and second peer review, the arrows were mentioned as having no function, which is entirely true. These arrows, unfortunately, are a part of the theme that I am using for my blog and I have yet to figure out either a purpose for them or a method of removal.

I did, however, figure out how to fill the white space on my homepage as was mentioned by Marylou Villegas in her peer review. I originally wanted to have a static page, but I figured displaying updates and new posts would help my readers with navigation.

Marylou also mentioned having more consistent fonts throughout the site. I will absolutely be taking this into consideration as I continue the design progress.

A further aspect of my site that I would like to change are the grey boxes where there should be images! Although, currently, my camera refuses to function, I will be, hopefully soon, updating my posts with images.

I am quite fond of my blog’s theme and appearance, at the moment, but I am very happy to hear feedback on what needs improvement. As I grow my social media and continue to write, I imagine that there will be even more changes along the way!

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