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Monster Insights is a plugin that I have been using on my blog since near the day that I first began writing. It is an analytics plugin that provides me with information surrounding my audience.

I can see an overview of how many sessions there have been on my page within a particular timeframe, the average session duration, and the page views. I can see what percentage of my audience are new viewers and what percentage are returning viewers. I can also see which country my viewers are from, which devices they’re using, and whether another website referred them to my blog. It shows me which pages are the most popular as well.

Monster Insights is quite a useful tool and helps me figure out who my audience is rather than having an entirely imagined audience and being unsure whether or not anybody is even viewing my blog at all! This plugin helps me cater my content to the my desired target audience.

I have also used Google Analytics to track data on The Raincity Fairy.

Google Analytics gives me all of the same information plus more. I can see the age range of my viewers as well as their gender and their interests. Surprisingly, I have more male viewers interested in sports rather than female viewers interested in fashion. Most of my viewers have been from Canada or South Korea.

And they like reading my academic essay.


I must admit that it baffles me how that works!

But it sure is interesting.

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